About Travel Palates

 “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

I think that this sentence sums up pretty well who I am, my thoughts and why this blog is born.

Visit, explore, meet new people, discover remote places, taste new food and get excited. In a nutshell … travel!

Am I the only one who, come back from a travel, start already to think and plan the next one?

I’m pretty sure that if you’re still reading it’s because you understand me really well.

So, here is the place where I want to share my travels, pics, stories, and recipes from all over the world!

This blog is here to inspire you and to support your travels with suggested itineraries and with a consolidated view of hotels, resorts, B&B, villas, agriturismos but also restaurants with reviews, ratings, photos, descriptions of what they offer, and how the experience is differentiated and interesting.

What “Travel” means to me? An escape route from daily rituality, a way to find myself and experience new places and things.

What “Palates” means to me? The sense of taste related to cultural context, the passive recipient of factors related to local cuisines and culinary traditions.

Thanks for visiting this blog and I look forward to helping you travel more and more!


if you’d like to collaborate contact me at travelpalates@gmail.com!


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